I am a street artist/muralist/painter/illustrator/graphic designer based in Ireland/Montreal. My paintings are emotive pieces drawn from real life experience.

Often I will paint in an attempt to figure out various times of uncertainty, not fully understanding what the piece was really about until its finished. Memory intercepts the present as the paintings/ collages evolve. I find great solace in the physicality of creating work.. I tend to paint instinctually, allowing the work to develop naturally into some form of disjointed, yet oddly cohesive, narrative with true feeling. In the last few years, my work has taken on a whole new dimension in the form of sheer scale, becoming more and more immersive as the walls/canvas get bigger and bigger and the work moves out into the streets.. So excited for big walls..

This website showcases mostly my paintings & some graphic design...
See links below for my illustration style. These are.. hmmm.. probably the opposite to what I just described above... so good luck working that one out!!
LouisaSketches tumblr and my music is here> www.soundcloud.com/squirrell