• Tiger Mural Foxes Bow, Limerick

    loved working on it - lucky it was in an alley way with all that wind and rain!

  • The World is her playground

    Immersive piece - Fresh Paint gallery montreal

  • Fresh Paint gallery piece!

    14ft + Absolutely delighted to have gotten the chance to work in Montreal's Fresh paint Gallery! I created the piece starting with the wall and then extended the artwork onto the floor and beyond the wall.. exciting stuff!!


    www.tourisme-montreal.org/blog/what-to-… Fresh paint Montreal|


    Comic art for BustleBeats!! LOVE this project!! Custom comic artwork ongoing with each release ..you can see some here >>>

    Bustle Beats

  • New Tumblr


    Also joined the Fauna Fridays group - Animal illustrations once a week

  • Artwork for record labels

    Subtle Audio, Bustle Beats, Hsuan Records, Rephlex, Acroplane

    art for labels

  • New Vimeo for sound work>>

  • Sound design for artist/desgner Carol Breen

    Creating sound for dance video for artist/designer Carol Breen..
    you can view these here
    soundcloud.com/squirrell www.soundcloud.com/squirrell|

  • Montreal!!!!!

    New things....

  • New Directions

    Masters Music Technology from University of Limerick :)

  • Pauline Goggin to open show!!

    Just confirmed!! Pauline Goggin to open the show!!
    She is a n amazing artist, It is an honour to have her open the show

  • Collisions - Group Show

    - A collaboration between artists, David Slade, Niamh Ni Bhuitleir and myself.
    Opening: Friday, October 3rd
    Cant wait!

    Just confirmed venue for exhibition: Georgian House, No.2 Pery Square
    Limerick Georgian House